Executives of the Round Table

Becoming a member of this Exclusive and Success Guaranteed International Master Mind Group - Executives of the Round Table - is a privilege and not for everyone as only 12 members per year per country are accepted.

You need to be or work towards being a COACH, CONSULTANT or TRAINER on a full-time basis, so if you're not serious about COACHING, it's probably not for you.

We address complex issues which include:

• How to build your client network and never be without clients
• Successful Products and Seminar Marketing
• Mastering the Skills of Marketing and Sales
• Having an Auto-Pilot Generated Income System

and much, much more...

Of all the Master Mind Groups out there ... the “Executives of the Round Table” is the one to belong to.

For more information and to become a member right now
Visit: www.executivesoftheroundtable.com

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